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Right now, I'm pretty much just in the DeanCastiel fandom, although I haven't written anything other than twitfic for a while. Liking the BBC Sherlock fandom though. It's all new and shiny <3

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If you're reading my Supernatural fic, and you notice any Britishisms that shouldn't be there, do point them out to me and I'll get them fixed. I try to be aware of this stuff (and spam twitter followers with dumb questions in regards to language), but mistakes can slip through the net, and I don't always use betas because my fics generally aren't that long and I lose interest in the story whilst waiting.

I love comments, and if I don't reply to yours it's because I've meant to do it later and it's slipped my mind. You can have my apologies and my gratitude as a given. That's assuming the comment was nice :P
I don't always friend people back, unless I actually do talk to them a fair bit, and even then it might take me a while to get around to it. So if we talk, and I haven't friended you back, it's not because I hate you or anything (unless I actually do).

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