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The Xarchive (masterpost)

Posted on 2020.03.12 at 16:23
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I've deleted my masterlist in favour of using my xari_fic comm, which is far easier to maintain. All my fic should be just as easy to find, and if it's giving you trouble, just let me know.

Posted on 2013.04.04 at 14:32
The last three months have gone by so fast. It feels like only a few weeks since New Year's.

I love this series of Supernatural. The men of letters stuff, the demon/angel tablets, Castiel, so interesting. It feels like such a difference from last season, which, for me, didn't seem to have much to it and which I found a bit boring. Supernatural is fun again, and it makes me rather happy (:

Life-wise I'm still where I was the last time I posted here. I've been at Primark for almost a year now. *cries* Thinking about moving to Bristol. Still writing. Etc. etc.

Hope everyone's good. I miss y'all!

Posted on 2013.01.29 at 01:34
I don't know what I want from my life.

Jobwise I might not have much right now, but at least I kind of know what I want and how to get there. Obviously, it's all about the writing.

But personally, I haven't got a clue. I'm probably moving home at the end of March and it's more than just money issues. I feel like I've become too comfortable here so I'll never do anything. As much as I like this house and my housemates, my life is boring me to tears.

Going home means being driven crazy by family, but I'm hoping at least I'll have the money to see friends more, to get out and do stuff, pay off my overdraft and maybe even learn to drive.

But I still don't know exactly what I want to do with my life. I've been thinking about doing a PGCE, but I kind of get the feeling that it's more so I can go back to a university, explore a new city and make a bunch of new friends than actually wanting to teach.

I want to do more than I have been so far with my life. I never do anything, and I'm so damn tired of it. I really don't want to wake up one day, find I'm in my thirties and can't remember doing anything in my twenties (unless of course it's alcohol-induced memory loss, and then it's acceptable).

Oh, and hey, I'm on AO3 now: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Xarixian

This has been your useless update on Xari's life. You're welcome.


Thinking dogs.

Posted on 2012.11.14 at 01:33
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As of about five minutes ago, my newest book and currently the longest thing I've written (33k!) is officially in the book market.

I've mentioned it before (I think), but I'll do it again just because (:

It's called The Dog in the Mist and it's part of Less Than Three Press' The Bestiary collection. The story's about Dorian, who's being stalked by a big fuck-off black dog that's starting to creep him out.

You can read more about it here and buy it if you want to.

In other news I'm still working at shitty Primark. My rats are fully grown now and have chewed more holes in the curtains. Thank goodness I have blinds behind them too, or my neighbours would be getting an eyeful every evening and have to spend a fortune on eye bleach.

I'm thinking about doing a PGCE. I've written a personal statement, chosen a few universities that look and sound decent, etc. I think I've had enough time out of uni and just want to do something with my life again. It'll be hard work, but it's not like I can't handle it.

Lookit! I wrote fic! ^^ I haven't written the boys for a while, so it has the potential to be a bit OOC, but I don't think it is, or at least not too badly. Hopefully not, anyway.

I caught up with the last couple of Spn episodes last night. SO MUCH LOVE!!! I had ship feels and I just had to stay up until half four in the morning to write. It's been SO LONG. Strange how much of a difference a show can make to the way I feel, but I keep having little squee moments which hasn't happened in quite some time. I love this season so far. Just hope it keeps getting better ^^

Anyway, here's the fic. It could be shit.

Title: As the Act Falls
Wordcount: 3,500
Pairing: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Amelia
Genre: Domestic, fluff, hurt/comfort, AU
Rating: PG
Warnings: Wrote this after watching 8x03, not particularly spoilery for that ep, but def. spoilers for 8x01.
Summary: Six months ago, Dean thought his world was ending. Now he's living in Sam's attic with a crazy fallen angel under his bed.

(Six months ago, Dean Winchester's world felt like it was ending ...)


Beta request

Posted on 2012.07.09 at 23:04
Just wondering if anyone would be up for beta-ing 4k of teacher/student Dean/Castiel fic. Preferably an American someone who's read Brave New World, but I'll take one of each if I can't get joint qualities :P

Why did I have these characters discuss a book I haven't actually read? *iz dumb*

Pleeaase? I'll love you forever? *watches everyone run for the hills*


Cube game!

Posted on 2012.06.08 at 20:59

Aside from the fact that this video is three of my favourite youtubers together, this game is kinda cool and interesting.

So, my cube was glowing, like a radioactive, alien green. God knows what that says about me ... either I'm just so damn cool I'm from another world ... or I'm a stranger to myself, something both fascinating and frightening. Like, 'ooh, look at the shiny glowing thing! But I better not touch it in case my hands melt off'. The cube was also kinda small in relation to everything else. Not ant-sized, but you could probably pick it up in both hands.

The ladder was propped up against the nearest tree, so I guess I like my friends close but not too close. I don't really lean on them for support and they don't lean on me either. That or they just like the tree better and I'm forever alone :P The ladder was probably twice the height of the cube, and made of wood. So maybe my friendships feel natural and I'm happy with the amount of friends I have?

The horse was silvery-white, like a unicorn without the horn, and just watching from between a couple of trees in the corner of the scene. Probably represents the kind of romantic stories I read or the idea of a perfect love or some shit, but it's also something that isn't that relevant to my life at the moment. The horse is off in the corner, it's in the scene but not the centre. It's also in the background, behind the cube ... which could mean I feel like any romance or love is behind me or I've missed my chance, but it seemed to be watching and waiting more than anything.

I had trouble imagining the flowers, and they were a small bunch of little pink and blue in the bottom right corner, quite far in front of the cube (as far front as the framing of the image in my mind allowed), not all that connected to the cube, maybe because I'm not really focused on kids right now. I like kids, and I want to adopt a couple one day, but I want to work on me for the next ten years or more.

The storm rolled in and had that cool sheet lightning that I've only seen on T.V, but it didn't really affect anything in the scene below it. Hopefully that's a good omen. Even though the objects in the scene (in my life) aren't that closely connected to each other, the relationships and sense of self aren't altered by the storm. Everything's very stable.

Been a while since I wrote anything. My fandom muse is hibernating. Just a short 500 words thingy, but it was nice to write (:

Title: Raindrops
Word Count: 520
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Genre: Fluff?
Rating: G
Summary: Castiel waits for Dean in a storm

Black clouds roll overhead, gathering in thick clusters and casting a dark shadow over the ground below ...


Asylum 8

Posted on 2012.05.17 at 20:12
So ... Asylum 8 is suddenly tomorrow!
Just a post with my details in case anyone wants to meet up.

My number is 07768868348 (but I have really shitty reception in the Hilton). I'm staying in the Holiday Inn just down the road because I was a silly late booker.

In case you don't know or can't remember what I look like, this is me:

Come say hi! <3


Time for 5 Acts: Round 6 \o/

Now write me fic, bitches.

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